(Prices increased June 2013)

Wholesale customers must have a store front and a tax ID number
Minimums: Opening Order is 24 Styles/pkg. - $266.40 + S.H.
Reorder: 12 styles/pkg. - $133.20 + S.H.
(6 cards including envelopes in a package)

CARDS: $11.10/6 cards per package (suggested retail $3.75 - $3.95)
(The cards are NOT per-priced on the back making
it easy for shop owners to set their own prices.)

MAGNETS: $4/4 per style  (suggested retail $2)

APRONS: $37.50/3   (suggested retail $25.00 ea.)

* All of my cards are made and
printed in the United States

Need to order? Call 888.345.6005 or Fax 866.333.0225
It's easy to just print the form below and fax it!

The entire line of AtticSalt cards are listed on
this website including the new cards.

All Major Credit Cards Accepted

Print and Fax the above form

Got questions? Call or email me at toll free: 888.345.6005


A Black or White Floor Spinner Fixture plus 6 cards per pocket
(The black fixture is the most popular)

24 Pocket - $366.40
48 Pocket - $632.80
72 Pocket - $899.20


24 Styles/Pkg. (144 cards) - $266.40
48 Styles/Pkg. (288 cards) - $532.80
72 Styles/Pkg. (432 cards) - $799.20


Quality white cooking aprons sold in
packs of three for $37.50 ($12.50 Each)

*Only one style available see merchandise page.


Shipping varies on state location and rates for international orders.

The spinner display shipping is an additional change.
Spinners are drop shipped separately from the greeting cards.


*The Guaranteed Sale is available on the 48 and 72 pocket display rack packages only. We pick the styles and if there is a pocket that hasn’t sold after 90 days, we will exchange that style for another best seller. I just ask that, before requesting an exchange, the cards be moved around on the fixture so those that haven’t been at eye level, are more visible to the customers.

Indicate ‘No Salt’ if ‘salty’ styles, are not acceptable.
But the ‘salty’ styles are always the best sellers!


888.345.6005          atticsalt @